Tech Trek Friday – Keyless entry at Marriott hotels

Have you ever experienced pure joy?

It was back in April 2018 that I found myself on another plane. My good friend was getting married in Barbados, and while living in Houston has its perks, a direct flight to Bridgetown isn’t one of them. In order to get to Barbados, I needed to layover in Miami.  I like to “double-duty” my trips as much as possible, and at the time one of my best friends, Lexi, was doing a medical rotation in Miami, so I figured I stay over on my way back to hang out with her.

I am dedicated to the Marriott/SPG brand, and so when looking for lodging in Miami, I was only looking for Marriott and SPG hotels. I decided to stay at AC Hotel Miami Aventura location. While this hotel wasn’t near all the hustle and bustle it was very modern and chic, and I needed to experience this. I like to decorate my some-day house in my head, alot.

I always book my stays through the Marriott App for iOS. It already has my credit card on file, so it’s a 2-click process to book your stay and pay for it. It’s a staple in my “Travel” group of apps.

The day before heading to Miami, I got a push notification from the Marriott App telling me that I could check-in early. So, I decided to do so. While going through that process, there was another option to get a mobile key. This option is new to me, so I just knew I had to give it a try.

With a click, I was informed that my mobile key would be ready shortly. So here I am, in Barbados, and I have literally everything I need to check-in to my hotel after flying for several hours and toting around luggage. I was satisfied at this point.

When I landed in Miami, I received another notification that my mobile key was ready. I clicked the notification, the app opens with my room number and the one command I needed to do to enter my room, along with information about the other public amenities accessible via a keycard such as the gym, pool and business center. I’m still at the airport at this time.

As I approach the hotel and walk in. I’m surely thinking “They need to see my license right”, so I start to the check-in desk. The line is 10 deep, and I’m immediately like, “no ma’am”. I had a mobile key and a room number, which means I can proceed to my room, so I did.

I get off the elevator walk to the door, press the command. My app turns green, I hear a click of my  door, and in I walk. I was excited and “shooketh” at the same time. So much so that I dropped of my bags and went to check that the key worked at the gym, pool and business center. This was the type of access I needed in my life, folks.

I encourage you to try keyless entry if its available at your hotel.